I'm Brazilian, I've always loved music and since I was little I buy and I listen to rock.
During the 70's I met a magazine called Pop, which I christened German Pop, since it was of Germanic origin, I did not understand what was written in the great majority, but it was there that I met the groups that I publish here on the blog today. Rock made in Germany is one of my favorites, but my taste is very eclectic.

Sou brasileira, sempre amei música e desde muito pequena compro e ouço rock. Durante os anos 70 conheci uma revista chamada Pop, que batizei de Pop Alemã, uma vez que era de origem germânica, eu não entendia o que estava escrito na sua grande maioria, mas foi ali que conheci os grupos que hoje publico aqui no blog. O rock feito da Alemanha é um dos meus favoritos, mas meu gosto é muito eclético.

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KRW-14-2020 Eat Ghosts e Emergency, KRW-15-2020 Andy Marx e Fuhrs & Frohling

Por total falta de tempo tenho atrasado a publicação dos programas aqui, seguem os dois das semanas passada e retrasada.

KRW-14-2020 Eat Ghosts e Emergency

EAT GHOSTS / MINERVA (as Eat Ghosts) An Ti E Go

The band MINERVA was founded in 2008 in Postdam, Germany by Enrico SEMLER (vocals), Jan WATERSTRADT (guitar), Ron HERMANN (bass) and Martin MANN (drums). After touring, they released a first EP ''Stories of A Journeyman'', in 2010. This EP has a hard rock sound with elements of psychedelic and jazz. After Enrico overtook Ron's job as a bass player, the band continues as a trio completed with sax player Benjamin IHNOW in 2012.
They released their first complete CD ''Germinal'' in 2013 and found their sound with some duel between sax and guitar and progressive grooves from the rhythm section. Their psychedelic prog contains unpredictable structures with some extended songs. The band has since produced a second album, changing their name to EAT GHOSTS to reflect their new musical direction.

Studio Album, released in 2017

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Wal (1:32)
2. Talk To The Sea (6:05)
3. Fancy Free (6:11)
4. An Ti E Go (5:52)
5. Rattle, Shatter, Creek (7:11)
6. EchoEcho (8:24)
7. Hold On (6:41)
Line-up / Musicians Jan Waterstradt / Guitar & Backround vocals
Enrico Semler / Bass & Vocals
Martin Mann / Drums, Percussion, Backround vocals
Benjamin Ihnow / Saxophone

EMERGENCY Get Out To The Country

The German based band Emergency was founded in 1970 by Czech musician Hanus Berka, who already had a career as an arranger and sideman in the States among others with Jan Hammer and Miroslav Vitous. The multicultural band consisted of Berka (sax & keyboards) fellow Czechs Jiro Matousek (keyboards), Otto Bezloja (bass) and Dusko Goykovic (trumpet), German drummer Udo Lindenberg and Englishman Barrie Newby on guitar.
The band recorded two jazz-rock records with brass arrangements for CBS. 'Emergency' (1971) and in 1972 'Entrance' with a changed line-up.
In the summer of '72 the band split up, only to be reformed in December of the same year with a complete new line-up: Berka, Peter Bischof (ex-Orange Peel, lead vocals), Richard Palmer-James (ex-King Crimson lyricist, guitar& vocals) Jerzy Ziembrowski (bass), Veit Marvos (ex-2066 &Then, keyboards), Martin Harrison (percussion) and Bernd Knaak (drums). The new line-up secured a record deal with Brain and recorded two commercially oriented records 'Get out To the Country' (1973) and 'No Compromise' (1974) the last again with a changed line-up. Both records present jazz-rock with blues and soul elements. Afterwards the band folded for good.

Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. I Know What´s Wrong (5:40)
2. Jeremiah (6:06)
3. Take My Hand (5:33)
4. Confessions (4:01)
5. Early In The Morning (3:21)
6. The Flag (4:00)
7. Little Marie (3:44)
8. Get Out To The Country (12:07)

total time (44:32)
Line-up / Musicians -Hanus Berka/ sax, flute, E-Piano, Mellotron
-Yerzy Ziembrowski/ bass
-Richard Palmer-James/ guitars, vocals
-Veit Marvos/ organ, synthesizer, E-Piano, piano, Mellotron
-Peter Bischof/ lead vocals, timbales, percussion
-Bernd Knaak/ drums, percussion

KRW-15-2020 Andy Marx e Fuhrs & Frohling

ANDY MARX - The circle - 1973

The guitarist Andreas "Andy" Marx lived in London for 2 years (1968 - 70) and played with the group "Creepy John Thomas" during this time. In 1971 he joined Doldingers Passport. Soon afterwards he left the jazz rock formation with the drummer Udo Lindenberg and they recorded his first solo album in Hamburg. In the same year Andy Marx recorded his first solo album "The Circle". But Andy Marx didn't want to stay completely without other musicians. He founded "Band Alone" (Marx) in early 1973 with the drummer Eberhard Wilhelm, whose previous stations were Amos Key, Germany and Cataract, and a year later with Wolfgang Graf (bass), Peter Bornkessel, called Bo Born (Orgal) and Peter "Pit" Troja the band Cherubin perfect.

Studio Album, released in 1973
01. Remember how to fly
02. County ballad
03. Armchair
04. Wing
05. The secret of the golden flower part I and part II
06. Never give up
07. Try to catch that train

Collins, Peter "Josh"  (drums, percussion)        
Edwards, Dawnie  (vocals)        
Mayer, George  (guitar, vocals)        
Plank, Conny  (vocals, guitar, percussion)        
Quintus, Walter  (violin)        
Wiley, Jim (bass, vocals)


SCHICKE, FÜRHS & FRÖHLING is one of the most amazing prog acts to ever come out of Germany. Instilling their symphonic sound with elements of space rock, avant-garde electronics and fusion, their style turns out to be very rich and dynamic, combining light and shade in a perfect balance.
Eduard SCHICKE (drums, percussion, moog drum) and Heinz FRÖHLING (guitars, bass, synthesizer, mellotron), who had already been colleagues in the recently split SPEKTAKEL (one of the major German prog acts at the time), met keyboardist Gerard FÜHRS playing electric piano in a music store, sometime I nearly 1975. A few conversations led to instant chemistry, and furthermore, to the formation of the SCHICKE, FÜRHS & FRÖHLING trio. Six months later, they had a full repertoire of their own, on-stage experience (including the 1975 German Rock Festival in Munich) and a record deal signed with the Metronome label. Their debut album "Symphonic Pictures", an undisputed classic of German prog, was released in 1976, selling about 12,000 copies. The trio gained popularity among local prog fans, mostly for their stunning live performances, which many critics described as magic and overwhelming. Two more studio recordings followed, "Sunburst" (1977) and "Ticket to Everywhere" (1979). Though not as impressive as their debut, these latter albums show the band exploring their musical vision further, with a genuine will to evolve. You can also notice the band bearing a tendency toward a lightening of their sound, especially concerning the third album (the last one, indeed), which bears a bigger tendency toward appealing tunes and catchy arrangements that lean somewhat close to jazz-fusion and jazz-pop, with the symphonic factor not remaining the main focus anymore. In between, "Sunburst" still managed to capture the density and pompous atmospheres that had made the best of "Symphonic Pictures" while containing new rooms for jazz-rock oriented ideas. A year before SCHICKE quit the band, his partners had started working as a duo in parallel: with SCHICKE's leaving, the trio just dropped off. In fact, the "Ticket to Everywhere" was mostly conceived as a studio project more than as an effort by a 'live' band. In the early 90s, a double CD comprising all three albums plus two live tracks was released - the item was dedicated to the memory of Gerard FÜHRS, whose untimely passing occurred on Nov. 3rd, 1992.

 Studio Album, released in 1978

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Ammerland (3:05)
2. Gentle Breeze (5:30)
3. Dance Of The Leaves (2:16)
4. Street Dance (2:29)
5. Sarabande (2:27)
6. Circles Of Live (4:04)
7. Every Land Tells A Story (13:49)
8. Ammernoon (5:05)
Line-up / Musicians
- Heinz Frohling / guitar
- Gerhard Fuhrs / synthesizer, keyboards
- Edward Brumund Ruther / bass

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KRW-13-2020 (08-05-2020) Karthago e Epsilon

Programa que foi ao ar em 08-05-2020, com as bandas Karthago e Epsilon.

Karthago - Rock 'n Roll Testament - 1974
Discos publicados no blog AQUI

Epsilon - Epsilon - 1971
Discos publicados no blog AQUI

Pasta com todos os programas de 2020 AQUI

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KRW-12-2020 Anjo Gabriel e Troya (foi ao ar em 01-05-2020)

KRW-12-2020 Anjo Gabriel e Troya

Destaque da cena psicodélica pernambucana, a banda antecipou o lançamento digital do primeiro disco de inéditas em 7 anos em função do isolamento social

A banda pernambucana Anjo Gabriel, destaque nacional e internacional na cena psicodélica experimental, lança seu primeiro disco cheio de inéditas desde 2013. Marcado para o próximo dia 28 de abril, o lançamento do auto-intitulado “Anjo Gabriel” será online, seguindo os cuidados de prevenção do COVID-19, através da plataforma Bandcamp. Os fãs já podem adquirir a pré-venda para escuta antecipada no link: https://anjogabriel.bandcamp.com/album/anjo-gabriel

O disco, que receberá um financiamento coletivo - crowdfunding - para lançamento em vinil e cassete, foi inteiramente gravado, mixado e masterizado usando apenas equipamentos e técnicas analógicas. “O conceito principal foi de relação com a natureza através dos quatro elementos – água, terra, fogo e ar - ligados às músicas, que estão todas interconectadas como se fosse uma obra só. Com isso tentamos transmitir os conceitos de transformação e conexão que permeiam a natureza, e do amor como instrumento para construir esses conceitos”, destaca Marco da Lata, fundador da banda.

Terceiro álbum cheio da trajetória da banda (que já lançou os discos “O Culto Secreto do Anjo Gabriel”, de 2011, e “Lucifer Rising”, de 2013, além do single 7’’ “Resiliência / Claralice”, de 2017), “Anjo Gabriel” tem 4 faixas de experimentos em um Kraut Rock Psicodélico Brasileiro, mixando referências de clássicos europeus com a essência do Udigrudi pernambucano.

Suíte Claralice é a faixa que abre o disco, com 20 minutos de duração, e inclui uma reedição do movimento de 6 minutos já apresentado aos fãs no compacto de 2017. Ela é seguida pelas duas partes de Resiliência, com 6 minutos e 27 segundos e 6 minutos e 24 segundos, respectivamente. Coroando o lançamento, Mantra II, já disponível como single no Bandcamp, encerra o play com elementos orientais orquestrados, fruto da participação do Álgebra Trio.

“Anjo Gabriel” também é um marco de nova fase da banda, que tem de volta aos teclados, sintetizadores e teremim o músico André Sette, que divide com Diego Drão (ghost member do grupo) as gravações de sintetizadores e teclados no disco. Marco Da Lata (baixo e voz), Júnior Do Jarro (bateria) e Phillippi Oliveira (guitarra) completam a formação da banda. Carlos Amarelo, também ghost member, cuidou das percussões. Como convidados especiais, participaram Rodrigo Gondão (oud), Rodrigo Félix (percussão) e Maísa Nascimento (violino), do Álgebra Trio, Rama Om (didjeridu) e Schelly Santiago (como vocal no coro).

Ao todo, são 38 minutos e meio de música, que prometem aplacar a ansiedade dos fãs da banda por um novo lançamento e agradar aos fãs do gênero.

Lançamento digital em 28 de abril de 2020, via Bandcamp.
Produzido no Estúdio Casa do Kaos por Adriano Leão, Marco da Lata e Júnior do Jarro
Engenharia de Gravação: Adriano Leão
Mixagem: Adriano Leão e Marco da Lata
Masterização: Adriano Leão 
Produção Executiva: Marco da Lata

1. Suíte Claralice (20:00)
2. Resiliência Parte 1 (06:27)
3. Resiliência Parte 2 (06:24)
4. Mantra II (05:30)

Marco da Lata - Baixo
Junior do Jarro - Bateria
André Sette - Órgão, Sintetizadores e Teremim
Phillippi Oliveira - Guitarra

Ghost Members:
Diego Drão - Órgão e Sintetizadores
Amarelo - Percussão

Participações Especiais:
Rodrigo Gondão - Oud (Álgebra Trio)
Rodrigo Félix - Percussão (Álgebra Trio)
Maísa Nascimento - Violino (Álgebra Trio)
Rama Om - Didjeridu
Schelly Santiago - Vocal no coro

Dialógica Comunicação Estratégica
Jefte Amorim - +55 81 99612-4157 (WhatsApp/Telegram)


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KRW-11-2020 Emma Myldenberger e Radio Noisz Ensemble

KRW-11-2020 Emma Myldenberger e Radio Noisz Ensemble

Emma Myldenberger -Tour de Trance 1979

Radio Noisz Ensemble - Yniverze 1982



KRW-10-2020 Dom e Achtzehn Karat Gold

KRW-10-2020 Dom e Achtzehn Karat Gold

Dom - Edge of Time - 1970

Achtzehn Karat Gold - All Bumm - 1973


Krautrock World 2019 - todos os programas do ano

Atendendo a pedidos, segue o link de uma pasta criada no Mediafire com todos os arquivos do programa Krautrock World realizados em 2019 na RST Radio Rock.

Link para a pasta 

KRW – 01
Frumpy - All Will Be Changed (1970)
Dhope - Musical Exhibitions (1976)

KRW – 02
Eight Days In April - Hamburg Scene (1972)
Gäa - Auf der bahn zum uranus (1973)

KRW – 03
Anjo Gabriel – Culto do anjo Gabriel

KRW – 04
Bernd Steidl – Psycho Acoustic Overture (1991)
Tangerine Dream – Cyclone (1978)

KRW – 05
Coupla  Prog – Edmundo Lopez (1970)
Cornucopia – Full Horn (1973)

KRW – 06
Emergency – Entrance (1972)
Grobschnitt – Same (1972)

KRW – 07
Kraan – Let it out (1975)
Frumpy – By the way (1972)

KRW – 08
Epidermis – Genius of Original Force (1977)
Birth Control – Plastic People (1975)

KRW – 09
Alcatraz – Vampire State Builduing (1971)
Rebekka – Phoenix (1982)

KRW – 10
Agamemnon – Part I & II (1981)
Os Mundi – Latin Mass (1970)

KRW – 11
Cannabis India – SWF Session 1973
Gila – Same

KRW – 12
Tibet – Tibet (1979)
Emtidi – Saat (1972)

KRW – 13
Electric Sandwich (1972)
Made in Germany (1971)

KRW – 14
Atlantis – It’s Getting Better (1973)
Karthago – Second Step (1973)

KRW – 15
Lily – We see you (1973)

KRW – 16
Pell Mell – Marburg
Wallestein – Mother Universe

KRW – 17
Hansi Bielb – Savannah (1875)
Carol of Harvest – Same (1978)

KRW – 18
Ikarus – Ikarus (1971)
Kalacakra – Crawling to lhasa (1972)

KRW – 19
Eloy – Dawn (1976)
Grobschnitt – Jumbo (1972)

KRW – 20
Jane – Together
Frankie Dymon Jr. Let it out (1971)

KRW – 21
German Oak - same 1972
Jeremy B. - This is my life 1971

KRW – 22
Cravinkel - Garden Of Loneliness 1972
Anyone's Daughter - Adonis 1978

KRW – 23
My Solid Ground

KRW – 24
Nine Days Wonder – same 1971
Orange Peel – same 1970

KRW – 25
Amon Düül – Para Dieswarts Duul (1970)
Amon Düül II – Yeti (1970)

KRW – 26
Lightshine – Feeling (1976)
Mosaik – N°1 (1977)

KRW – 27
Aigues Vives – Water of sessions (1981)
Pink Mice – In Action (1971)

KRW – 28
Mythos – Mythos (1972)
Nosferatu – Nosferatu (1970)

KRW – 29
Cherubin – our sunrise (1974)
Pancake – Roxy Elefant (1975)

KRW – 30
Pancake – Out Of the Ashes (1977)
Andy Marx – The circle (1973)

KRW – 31
Jeronimo – Time Ride (1972)
Improved Sound Limited – same (1971)

KRW – 32
Guru Guru – Kanguru

KRW – 33
Madyson Dyke – Zeitmaschine (1977)
Prof. Wolfff – same (1972)

KRW – 34   
McChurch Soundroom - Delusion (1971)
Message - From books and dreams (1973)

KRW – 35  
Satin While – Lost Mankind
Armaggedon – same

KRW – 36
Minotaurus - Fly away
Electra - Electra-Combo

KRW – 37
Da Capo – same (1970)
Lava – Tears are goin home (1973)

KRW - 38
Weed! - Weed! (1971)
Parzival - Legend (1971)