I'm Brazilian, I've always loved music and since I was little I buy and I listen to rock.
During the 70's I met a magazine called Pop, which I christened German Pop, since it was of Germanic origin, I did not understand what was written in the great majority, but it was there that I met the groups that I publish here on the blog today. Rock made in Germany is one of my favorites, but my taste is very eclectic.

Sou brasileira, sempre amei música e desde muito pequena compro e ouço rock. Durante os anos 70 conheci uma revista chamada Pop, que batizei de Pop Alemã, uma vez que era de origem germânica, eu não entendia o que estava escrito na sua grande maioria, mas foi ali que conheci os grupos que hoje publico aqui no blog. O rock feito da Alemanha é um dos meus favoritos, mas meu gosto é muito eclético.

segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2015

Karthago - Rock 'N Roll Testament (1974)

First official vinyl reissue of this famous German rock album from 1974. Probably no other Karthago album was as extensively and intensively prepared as this one with songs finally composed by Joey Albrecht. This 3rd album of Karthago was a big step foreword, produced in London and with the participation of Glenn Cornick, famous bass player of Jethro Tull. Karthago developed a more mainstream style than most Berlin acts with strong songs, jazz and funk elements, backed up by excellence musician ship. Especially Joey Albrecht, influenced by Jimi Hendrix, had a real rock star appeal. This limited edition of the album is an exact reproduction of the original gimmick cover. The album is strictly limited to 500. The sound is brilliant and digitally remastered from original master tape. Not only for fans of the genre but also for lover of great Helmut Wenske artwork, who did the cover artwork and proved that he was a great painter of the psychedelic era. Highly recommended.

- Joey Albrecht - guitar, lead vocals
- Ingo Bischof - organ, piano, electric piano, clavinet, Moog synthesizer
- Glenn Cornick - bass
- Conny (Konstantin) Bommarius - drums
- Tommy (Thomas) "Pedro" Goldschmidt - gong, bongos, timbales, drums, percussion
- Cornelius Hudalla, Marcellus Hudalla, Peter Hauke - producers

01. Hard-Loving Woman (Joey Albrecht/Tom Cunningham) - 3:35
02. We Gonna Keep It Together (Joey Albrecht/Tom Cunningham) - 5:09
03. Now The Irony Keeps Me Company (Joey Albrecht/Tom Cunningham) - 3:19
04. Rock'N Roll Testament (Joey Albrecht/Tom Cunningham) - 4:20
05. The Creeper (Joey Albrecht/Patricia Jordan) - 4:00
06. Back Again (Joey Albrecht/Tom Cunningham) - 4:00
07. Sound In The Air (Joey Albrecht/Tom Cunningham) - 5:04
08. Highway Five (Joey Albrecht/Tom Cunningham) - 3:40
09. For Kathy (Joey Albrecht/Patricia Jordan) - 3:00
10. See You Tomorrow In The Sky (Joey Albrecht/Patricia Jordan) - 3:45


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