I'm Brazilian, I've always loved music and since I was little I buy and I listen to rock.
During the 70's I met a magazine called Pop, which I christened German Pop, since it was of Germanic origin, I did not understand what was written in the great majority, but it was there that I met the groups that I publish here on the blog today. Rock made in Germany is one of my favorites, but my taste is very eclectic.

Sou brasileira, sempre amei música e desde muito pequena compro e ouço rock. Durante os anos 70 conheci uma revista chamada Pop, que batizei de Pop Alemã, uma vez que era de origem germânica, eu não entendia o que estava escrito na sua grande maioria, mas foi ali que conheci os grupos que hoje publico aqui no blog. O rock feito da Alemanha é um dos meus favoritos, mas meu gosto é muito eclético.

sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2016

Rousseau - Flower In Asphalt 1980 (Germany, Krautrock, Symphonic Prog)


Excellent band from Germany who has 5 great albums in his discography. Their music can be described like an hybrid between CAMEL and NOVALIS. Music is very rich, with melodic guitar, flutes and a romantic touch in their lyrics.

ROUSSEAU were formed in 1977 by Ali Pfeffer, Georg Hutchmacher, Peter Stutz, Ulla Boos and Cristoph Huster. First album "Flower in Asphalt" was released in 1980 (after the change of two members in the original line-up), with a notable success in Germany. Three years later, the second album "Retreat" was issued, but not with the same success than the previous, because in those years in Germany new musical waves stole attention of prog rock. In 1987, ROUSSEAU released their last album from the 80´s, "Square The Circle", with line-up´s changes again and good reviews, but not with a great success.

After this, members of ROUSSEAU start to write songs for some side projects and this was the "dead" of ROUSSEAU... but in 2002, 16 years after their last studio album, ROUSSEAU joined again and issued another album - a very good album with a sound more classical than the previous and with some very good instrumental passages. This album was called "At The Cinema", and was published by French label "MUSEA", who also re-released their back catalogue.

- Rainer Hofmann - piano, mellotron, synthesizers, Hammond organ
- Jörg Schwarz - electric & acoustic guitars
- Christoph Huster - flute, percussion, guitar
- Georg Huthmacher - bass pedals, Fender bass, piano
- Ali Pfeffer - drums, percussion

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Rousseau.
01. Skylight - 4:24
02. Glockenrock - 4:38
03. Flower In Asphalt - 4:25
04. Le grand rêveur - 5:11
05. Entrée - 5:14
06. Fool's Fantasy - 4:14
07. Dancing Leaves - 8:41


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