I'm Brazilian, I've always loved music and since I was little I buy and I listen to rock.
During the 70's I met a magazine called Pop, which I christened German Pop, since it was of Germanic origin, I did not understand what was written in the great majority, but it was there that I met the groups that I publish here on the blog today. Rock made in Germany is one of my favorites, but my taste is very eclectic.

Sou brasileira, sempre amei música e desde muito pequena compro e ouço rock. Durante os anos 70 conheci uma revista chamada Pop, que batizei de Pop Alemã, uma vez que era de origem germânica, eu não entendia o que estava escrito na sua grande maioria, mas foi ali que conheci os grupos que hoje publico aqui no blog. O rock feito da Alemanha é um dos meus favoritos, mas meu gosto é muito eclético.

domingo, 15 de abril de 2018

Via Obscura - Traum 2009 (Germany, Symphonic Prog)

It was the year 2004, when the gifted vocalist and Keyboard player Anne-S. Thinius; the guitarist, drummer, pianist and orchestra arranger Alexander Thinius and the bassist André Manke joined in Germany to form VIA OBSCURA, a band dedicated to create experimental 70's inspired music with special emphasis in Goth, Jazz, and Heavy Metal with Symphonic and classical structure.

As many other bands like MIRANDA SEX GARDEN and DEAD CAN DANCE who were originally labeled as Goth, they exceeded the parameters of Gothic Rock and sounded more comfortable in Symphonic territory, of course their obvious classical formation and the operatic voice of Anne helped a lot to the evolution of the band.

Originally VIA OBSCURA was formed as an improvisation project, but things got out of hand (something common when you are good enough), and in six months they were playing in front of an audience as a formal band.

After participating in several samplers, VIA OBSCURA releases their first studio albums called "Traum" in 2009, and it's really impressive. They manage to blend the drama of Gothic Rock not only with the energy of Heavy Metal but also with the delicacy of Symphonic Prog, enhanced by the wonderful voice of Anne and the marvelous performance of all the band members.

Still I'm not sure of this is a pure Symphonic album, band honestly don't care, being that the music is breathtaking and the classical elements are enough to be loved by all the fans of the genre.

I just hope they give us a second album soon, which I'll be waiting with impatience.

- Anne-S. Thinius / Vocals and Keys
- Alexander Thinius / Electric - Acoustic-Guitars, Drums, Orchestra composition & -programming
- André Manke / Bass

1. Sie (4:48)
2. Substanz (4:04)
3. Traum (4:34)
4. Schicksal (3:58)
5. Winter (6:31)
6. Grau (5:40)
7. Stille (6:15)
8. - (2:17)
9. Weg (4:38)


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